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The team of immigration lawyers at Black Pen Immigration understand fully just how daunting it can be to immigrate to South Africa, which is why they are committed to providing you with the latest legal advice in terms of South African immigration laws along with a solid support system that will make the entire experience that much easier for you.

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It is essential that your visa comply with the reason for your visit to South Africa, and with many changes on the cards, including a white paper that has been tabled which could well see a points system being put in place for those wishing to immigrate to South Africa on a permanent basis, it is often very difficult to obtain the latest information you need in order to apply for the correct visa.

Applications are often rejected by the Department of Home Affairs due to the incorrect application of the law, or because of applicants who have not gone through a visa facilitation process that ensures that their South African visa application has actually been sent to Home Affairs for assessment.  Things get even more complicated when a visa facilitation process provides individuals with incorrect information with regard to matching their visa application to their motivation for entering South Africa.

Black Pen has the global experience necessary to assist you in avoiding all these pitfalls and they want to make the process a painless one for you, ensuring that with their comprehensive range of immigration services, applying for the right visa will be effortless.

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